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Kurt is an Osteopathic Manual Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist with 20 years experience. He is a graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy and Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies.

Kurt's treatments are osteopathic in approach and utilize concepts and techniques from his osteopathic and massage therapy education. Treatments are designed to discover, assess and treat the primary and secondary dysfunctions in the body in order to allow all structures their proper mobility. Kurt's treatments are holistic in nature and requires a focused and complete assessment each treatment so that assumptions are not made about the patients condition. Treatment techniques include myofascial release, joint mobilization, cranial-sacral, muscle energy, visceral manipulation, and strain/counterstrain, and massage techniques.

Kurt has done continuing education courses in Cranial-Sacral treatment, joint mobilization, fascial integration, and Kinesio taping. 


Neil is a Massage Therapist with 18 years experience, a graduate of the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy Inc. In 1998.

Neil's treatment focus is in Myofascial Pain Syndromes, and Trigger Point Treatment. Neil's treatments work to correct soft tissue damage that is the result of Repetitive or Cumulative strain Injury. This includes Orthopedic Assessment and Education of the Patient, Deep tissue work, with specifics on Trigger points.

Neil has done continuing Education courses in Kinesio Taping, Proprioceptive Taping and awareness, Manual lymphatic Drainage Basic Level, and Ortho bionomy 1st Level. He has also completed level 2 training in Graston Technique.



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